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Horizontal cylindrical steel tanks

Multicorporate enterprise “RussianTankWorks” produces horizontal cylindrical steel tanks, fuel tanks, horizontal containers for storage, loading and dispensing of liquid materials with mass density not exceeding 1 t/m? at the temperature from -60°С to +90°С.

The following types of tanks are widely used:

  • Horizontal tanks for light oil products;
  • Horizontal tanks for dark oil products;
  • Horizontal tanks for water (drinkable, technical, firefighting);
  • Horizontal tanks for oil and lubricating materials;
  • Horizontal tanks for spirits;
  • Horizontal tanks for food raw material.

Provided that the producer meets the quality requirements, horizontal tanks are able to stand the interior pressure up to 0.07 Megapascal and seismic vibrations up to 7 balls rated on Richter scale.

According to our experience, horizontal tanks are basically used at tank farms and petrol filling stations as they are considered to be the most effective type of fuel storage equipment both from economic and technical points of view. Effectiveness of this tank type is provided, in the first place, by the variety of loading capacity and shapes, which are adjusted to the specific features of the enterprise.

Manufacturing of a tank is carried out in 4 stages


For all horizontal tanks in our Design office we have got detailed metal framework graphical drafts already done. Herewith they always will be finalized according to requirements of the Customer.


We assemble the tank elements (pre-rolled shells and spherical bottoms) using the columned welding keys in automatic regime. All welds are performed back to back, according to the requirements of the State Standard 17032-2010.


Applying coating is carried out with preliminary bead blasting processing, degreasing an dust removal. The coated units are dried in special premises, where the temperature, humidity and dust content are strictly controlled.


Delivery is carried out by means of motor or railway transport.

Quality guarantee for underground and above ground horizontal tanks:

Our horizontal cylindrical steel tanks are produced in accordance with the State Standard GOST.Р.52630-2006 «Welded steel containers and vessels», Technical Conditions 1415.004-466214309-2008. Quality of our horizontal tanks is certified by Authorization for application №РРС.00-047039 and Approval of Conformity №Росс.RU.АВ17.по1286.

Fuel tank production:

Fuel tank productionWe produce more than 500 horizontal tanks for oil products and horizontal containers for water, food raw material and chemical products annually.

Automatic and auto-manual welding equipment Lincoln Electric along with the modern complex of metal-processing machines are used in our production. This enables us to provide an excellent quality of tank installation together with the decrease in the time of production and manual work expenses.

Individual and standard design projects for horizontal tanks:

Our customers are always able to purchase a horizontal tank, produced according to our standard graphical drafts.

However the recent years have seen more frequent orders for production of individually planned horizontal tanks in non-standard size. This is mostly due to the fact that it gives the customer a choice of the tank parameters depending on operating cycle of the enterprise, specific features of the installation site, characteristics of the stored product, etc. That is why we often work out detailed engineering drawings according to the specific demands of the customer.

Production options for horizontal steel tanks:

Multicorporate enterprise “RussianTankWorks” produces various types of horizontal cylindrical steel tanks.

Underground horizontal tanks / above ground horizontal tanks. The basic types are as follows:

  • one-wall horizontal tank for above ground installation;
  • two-wall horizontal tank for above ground installation;
  • one-wall horizontal tank for underground installation;
  • two-wall horizontal tank for underground installation.

In the course of production of a two-wall tank the space between the walls is filled with either nitrogen or liquid material. The space is filled to its full volume and the tank is equipped with the system of hermetical pumpout.

Single-section / two-section / multi-section horizontal tanks:

All above-mentioned versions of horizontal tanks may be produced with either one or several sections. The sections are formed by special separating walls inside the body of the tank. Thus the horizontal tank becomes divided into two or more sections, meant for storing different types of materials. While producing two-section or multi-section tanks we guarantee the leak tightness of the sections.

Above ground horizontal tanks

Ground surface horizontal tanks are made of steel St3, alloy steel 09G2S, stainless steel and food products’ storage steel.

The standard version of an above ground tank includes an access manway plate, steel lodgments and sling pulling-eye bolts.

Underground horizontal tanks

Underground horizontal tanks are made of steel St3, alloy steel 09G2S, stainless steel and food products’ storage steel.

The standard version of an underground tank includes a maintenance shaft, an access manway plate, steel lodgments and sling pulling-eye bolts. A standard underground tank is also supplied with corrosion-preventive coating of rubber-bitumen mastic.

Rated loading capacity ABOVE GROUND
  One-wall tank Two-wall tank
  Diameter Length Total proper weight Height on the supporting structures Number of supporting structures Diameter Length Total proper weight Height on the supporting structures Number of supporting structures
  m m t m   m m t m  
Tank-3 1,40 2,06 0,53 1,60 2 1,42 2,08 0,83 1,60 2
Tank-5 1,90 2,00 0,70 2,05 2 1,92 2,02 1,10 2,05 2
Tank-10 2,07 3,40 0,99 2,22 2 2,09 3,42 1,80 2,22 2
Tank-15 2,07 4,90 1,40 2,22 2 2,09 4,92 2,60 2,22 2
Tank-20 2,40 4,90 1,70 2,56 2 2,42 4,92 3,10 2,56 2
Tank-25 2,40 6,60 2,15 2,56 2 2,42 6,62 3,70 2,56 2
Tank-30 2,40 7,60 2,65 2,56 3 2,42 7,62 4,40 2,56 3
Tank-40 2,40 9,60 3,10 2,56 4 2,42 9,62 5,50 2,56 4
Tank-50 2,80 9,60 3,70 2,96 4 2,82 9,62 6,50 2,96 4
Tank-60 2,80 10,60 4,00 2,96 4 2,82 10,62 7,10 2,96 4
Tank-75 3,24 9,60 4,50 3,40 4 3,26 9,62 8,50 3,40 4
Tank-100 3,24 12,60 5,40 3,40 5 3,26 12,62 10,90 3,40 5

The structure of horizontal cylindrical steel tanks:

There are several types of bearing part to be produced:

The body of the horizontal tank consists of cylindrical and end wall parts. The cylindrical part is also usually called “a wall” and the end wall elements – bottoms.

Cylindrical part of the body, i.e. tank wall, bears metal-roll shells in the quantity, stipulated in the design project, and amounting to 3.25 m in diameter. The metal-roll thickness is determined by durability and stability calculations. The shells are welded end-to-end while the assembly seal may be done overlapped. The body of the tank is often assembled with stiffening rings.

The bottoms of horizontal tanks can belong to either of the following types:

Tanks are equipped with earth connection, staircases, access manway plates, loading and dispensing machinery, ventilation and measurement-control tools. If necessary, the tank is equipped by heating-up devices. Horizontal tanks are also subjected to corrosion-preventive procedures and heat insulation.

Guarantees for horizontal storage tanks:

In conformity with the State Standard GOST R 52630-2006: