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Underground Drainage Storage Tanks

Underground Drainage Storage TanksMulticorporate enterprise “RussianTankWorks” produces underground drainage storage tanks with and without heating-up.

A steel storage tank is an all-welded horizontal tank with conical bottoms and manway plates. The latter are used for product’s pumping out of the tank (with a bottom hole pump) as well as for tank service operations.

Manufacturing of a tank is carried out in 4 stages


For all drainage tanks in our Design office we have got detailed metal framework graphical drafts already done. Herewith they always will be finalized according to requirements of the Customer.


We assemble the tank elements (pre-rolled shells and spherical bottoms) using the columned welding keys in automatic regime. All welds are performed back to back, according to the requirements of the State Standard 17032-2010.


Applying coating is carried out with preliminary bead blasting processing, degreasing an dust removal. The coated units are dried in special premises, where the temperature, humidity and dust content are strictly controlled.


Delivery is carried out by means of motor or railway transport.

Marking of underground drainage storage tanks:

Marking of underground drainage storage tanks for order purposes includes the type, loading capacity, inner diameter and the material of production.

An example of order form is as follows:

Underground Drainage Storage Tanks (Underground Drainage Storage Tanks with Heating-up) 25-2000-1-1(2)(3)-K, which stands for:
«25» – nominal volume in m³;
«2000» – inner diameter of the tank, mm;
«1» – construction specific features;
«1», «2» or «3» – material of production («1» – steel St3sp4 Russian State Standard GOST 380-90; «2» — steel 16GS Russian State Standard GOST 5520-79; «3» — steel 09G2S Russian State Standard GOST 5520-79);
«K» — concrete pit availability.

Construction versions for DST / DSTH:

  • drainage storage tank without heating-up;
  • drainage storage tank with heating-up system in the form of metal heating spiral (helicoil) or heating cable;
  • Climate versions: Т4 (not lower than – 20 °С); У0 (not lower than – 40 °С); HL (– 60 °С at the lowest).
  • Nominal volume (loading capacity) from 5 m³ to 63 m³
  • Tanks can be equipped by heat insulation.

Application of drainage storage tanks:

The underground tanks are used for storing the rest of oil products (both light and dark) discarded from the technological pipelines. These tanks are widely applied at Russian enterprises because almost every production facility faces the necessity to discard the rest of fluid products, used in the technology cycle.

Tanks are meant for storing fluid products, containing not more than 1.8 % of hydrogen disulfide in gas phase.

Underground Drainage Storage Tanks’ production:

Manufacturing of metal storage tanks is to be performed in accordance with the industrial branch State Standard GOST R-52630-2006. The producer should apply modern technologies of metal-roll preparation, welding operations, corrosion preventive procedures and loading for further transportation.

General features of Underground Drainage Storage Tanks:

  • The tanks are used for storing products of 2nd to 4th danger class (classified according to State Standard 12.1.007-76);
  • The tanks are meant for the stored product’s temperature limits from -15°С to +80°С;
  • The tanks stand the inside pressure up to 0,07 Megapascal;
  • Kinematic viscosity coefficient of the discarded product should not exceed 30•10-6 m²/s;
  • Mass density of the product, discarded to the tank, must not exceed 1000 kg/m³;

Multicorporate enterprise “RussianTankWorks” recommends to order tanks with inner and outer corrosion preventive coating so as to make their operating life longer. The coating characteristics are chosen on the basis of specific features of the discarded product and the operating regime.

Quality guarantee:

Underground storage tanks are produced in accordance to the State Standards GOST-R 52630-2006 «Welded steel containers and vessels. General technical conditions»; OST 26.291-94 «Welded steel containers and vessels. General technical conditions»; Technical conditions 1415.004-466214309-2008. Quality of our tanks is certified by Authorization for application №РРС.00-047039 and Approval of Conformity №Росс.RU.АВ17.по1286.

The guaranteed operating period is equal to 18 months from the date of start-up, but not more than 24 months from the date of shipment to the Customer.