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Welded girder (beam)

A girder is either an inclined or horizontal beam, overhanging as an element of a framework and incurring bending as the basic stress.

Metal beams are widely used for bridging (from 6 to 24 m long) of various civil and industrial buildings, and as crane-runway beams and for aerial (off-the-ground) transport.

Steel H-beams are mainly popular at present, i.e. the beams with the H-profile section.

Steel H-beams may be either hot-rolled (hot rolling of the steel work piece) or welded (welding of flat steel with the following processing).

A welded H-beam has the mechanical characteristics (shape, size) identical to those of a hot-rolled one in accordance with the State Standard GOST 26020-83 or СТО АСЧМ 20-93.

A welded H-beam has a number of advantages and possibilities, not applicable to hot-rolled beams:

There are several types of welded beams, known as follows:

JSC “RussianTankWorks” produces welded steel H-beams and is one of the leaders of the Russian market for this type of metal framework.


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