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Storage Tanks

JSC “RussianTankWorks” specializes in steel storage tanks production for all kinds of industrial needs. Enterprises, that are planning construction, expansion or equipment upgrade of warehouses for liquid or bulk goods, need vessel equipment of different size, shape, material characteristics, endurance, etc. So, our enterprise produces all types of steel tanks: vertical high loading capacity tanks (100m³ - 50,000m³), various horizontal containers, silos, boilers, and off-standard vessel equipment.

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We offer you the catalog of steel vertical tanks we produce. Typical volumes of tanks: from 100 to 100'000 cubic meters. Tanks can be manufactured using rolling (coiling) or per-sheet methods. Please check out the specifications, design features, prices on the tanks..


HWBT are steel vertical reservoirs for storing hot water (up to 95°C). They are widely used in a hot water supply systems. Buffer tanks we produce are equipped with heat insulation and complex rustproof coating. Please check out the detailed and illustrated description of the product..


Along with manufacturing tanks for storage of liquid products JSC RussianTankWorks designs, produces and assembles silos and bunkers for storage of bulk stock. We manufacture silos welded or bolted. Please check out the classification, detailed descriptions, specifications and prices. .

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We produce horizontal tanks of all types: above-ground / under-ground, one-wall / two-wall, one-section / multi-section. Tanks are painted in a special site. Let us introduce you our catalog of horizontal steel tanks (capacity of 3 – 100 cubic meters). The design of each tank will be finalized taking into account all of your requirements..


Drainage tank is a sort of horizontal steel tank placed under ground and having some constructive features. They are used for collecting and storing the rest of oil products from the technological pipelines. Drainage tank can be equipped with the heating system. The standard design will also be finalized according to the customers needs.

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Metal beams are widely used for bridging (from 6 to 24 m long) of various civil and industrial buildings, and as crane-runway beams and for aerial (off-the-ground) transport. We provide a welded H-beam that has the mechanical characteristics identical to those of a hot-rolled one in accordance with the State Standard GOST 26020-83.



Our marketing department will help you choose the best steel storage tank for your needs from the variety of our products. Our engineer will cooperate with your specialists to work out the storage tank design, choose the material, and, if needed, the rustproof coating, heating and heat insulation. It should be kept in mind that the price of every tank is formed with consideration of a number of factors. Our principle is to offer the Customer the most effective solution in terms of technology and economics. Thanks to the high professionalism of our engineers, our customers often manage to reduce their tank expenditures by over 50%. For instance, we often avoid using costly steels by applying modern rustproof coating, or reduce total tonnage due to individual tank design, or save on logistics thanks to careful planning of batchwise metal frameworks shipment, etc.

At the initial stage of choosing the equipment our customers often have the need to quickly learn estimated costs of atmospheric storage tanks for various products. In such cases, upon your request, within 24 hours our marketing department will prepare a commercial proposal with alternative equipment, prices, calculated logistics, and, if needed, assembly work.

Types of storage tanks.

Classification of industrial storage tanks used in enterprises is based on their structural features. The major one is orientation: vertical or horizontal. As a general rule, vertical steel storage tanks are produced for liquids, reach 18 m in height and 85 m in diameter, are delivered to the site as metal frameworks and assembled on the site. Horizontal liquid storage tanks are smaller containers less than 100 m³ loading capacity, dispatched from the enterprise in the assembled condition. Vertical atmospheric storage tanks, in their turn, can be produced with a stationary roof or a floating roof, can be equipped with a pontoon, can have a protective wall (“body inside body” construction). Horizontal tanks are produced with one or several sections, one or two walls, for above-ground or underground placement.

Our enterprise produces tanks for liquid storage of any constructional type. Both coiling and per-sheet methods are available (the enterprise is equipped with specialized coiling machinery). Our design-construction department quickly and professionally prepares structural design projects and final shop drawings. We pay special attention to minimizing the cost of every storage tank by reducing metal consumption while maintaining its required structural strength. Metal frameworks are dispatched either by automobile transport or by railway through our private spur track.

Production of small horizontal tanks is automated. We use columned welding keys that provide highly accurate and stable joint weld quality. We also have our own paint shop allowing to cover tanks and containers with rustproof coating in stable temperature and humidity, which results in high quality rustproof protection and lengthens the life of the product.