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Underground 12,5 m³ drainage storage tanks with / without heating-up

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  • We produce more than 500 horizontal tanks for oil products and horizontal containers for water, food raw material and chemical products annually.
  • Automatic and auto-manual welding equipment Lincoln Electric along with the modern complex of metal-processing machines are used in our production.
  • This enables us to provide an excellent quality of tank production together with the decrease in the time of production and manual work expenses.


EuroTankWorks produces underground 5 m³ drainage storage tanks with and without heating-up, used for storing the rest of oil products discarded from the technological pipelines, oil, condensed water, including water mixed. The use of tanks for storing harsh chemicals is also allowed.

Underground 5 m³ storage tanks with and without heating-up are produced in accordance with the state standards and technical conditions.

Ordering underground 5 m³ storage tanks with and without heating-up

An example of order form is as follows:

Underground storage tank with/without heating-up 12,5-2000-1-1(2)(3)-К which stands for: «12,5» – nominal loading capacity in m³; «2000» – inner diameter of the tank, mm; «1» – construction specific features; «1», «2» or «3» – material of production («1» – steel St 3sp4 GOST 380-90; «2» — steel 16GS GOST 5520-79; «3» — steel 09G2S GOST 5520-79); «K» — concrete pit availability.

Construction version of the tank depends on the type of electric pump used. Version «1» stands for the underground storage tank without heating-up, equipped with the pump of 3 m long immersed part (for НВ-Е-50/50) or 3,2 m long (for 12НА-9х4). Version «2» is the underground storage tank without heating-up, equipped with the pump of 3,7 m long immersed part (for НВ-Е-50/50) or 3,9 m (for 12НА-9х4).

Our customers are always able to purchase an underground 12,5 m³ storage tank, produced according to our standard graphical drafts (see technical specifications and drafts).

We are also ready to consider the specific demands of the customer or produce an underground storage tank on the basis of your own draft.

Buy a 12,5 m³ storage tanks

You may order our underground 12,5 m³ storage tanks with and without heating-up in either of the following ways:

Your enquiry will be given consideration within one day

Underground 12,5 m³ storage tanks dimensions

Type Nominal volume, m3 Inner diameter, mm Length, mm Necktube height, mm Net weight, kg Heated surface, m2
Underground storage tanks without heating-up 12,5-2000-1(2)(3) 12,5 2000 4300 900-1600 2860  
Underground storage tanks with heating-up 12,5-2000-1-1(2)(3)-К 12,5 2000 4300 900-1600 2920 2,7

Construction scheme of an underground 12,5 m³ drainage storage tank without heating

The tank is a horizontal steel cylindrical apparatus with conical bottoms. The body of the tank has 2 manway plates installed, the 1st being used for operating service, the 2nd – for pumping out the product from the tank with a semi-submersible electric pump. The outreach of the manway plates is more than 1 m, that is why the plates and the fitting pipes are cut at 0,4 m point from the shell. The electric motor of the pump is protected by the maintenance shaft (included in the scope of delivery). For the purpose of controlling the technological operation fitting pipes and chokes are provided for the level glass, temperature log and pressure indicator.

Construction scheme of an underground 12,5 m³ drainage storage tank with heating

The tank repeats the previous model, equipped with the heating-up device and heat insulation.


EuroTankWorks produces 2 types of underground storage tanks with heating-up, depending on the kind of the heating-up system:

Underground tank with electrical heating:

Underground tank with electrical heating

Electrical heating is provided by the self-control heating cable. The heating-up system consists of the heating module (cable), distributing & information module and operating system (control box, temperature detectors and regulators).

Underground tank with heating spiral:

Underground tank with heating spiral

The choice of the heating-up type is done together with the customer as regards the specific features of the stored product and the tank installation site.

Heat insulation

Heat insulation of our standard underground storage tank is performed by sputtering method with rigid polyurethane foam. The sputtering is done on the outside surface of the tank.

The characteristics of the heat insulation coating are determined separately for each tank depending on chemical composition and the required temperature of the stored product, climate features in the location area, etc. Overall energy loss decrease by 40 % at minimum as a result of heat insulation.

Rigid polyurethane foam coating is an effective measure, as it provides air insulation, steam insulation as well. It is highly resistant to aggressive atmosphere and shows maximum integrity with the tank surface (1.0-1.5 kg/cm²). Due to this the polyurethane foam is considered to be a perfect corrosion preventive coating.

To ensure additional toughness of the heat insulation coating it has protective seal of polyuria. The seal is also meant to increase the operating life of the coating (from 35 years) and of the tank itself as well.

Heat insulationHeat insulation

If the customer demands we can also provide heat insulation with the mineral wool and protective layer of galvanized steel. This type of heat insulation is considered to be more low-budget, but it has, at the same time, certain disadvantages compared to polyurethane foam coating. They are to be seen in lower rates of steam impermeability, seams on the protective layer, shorter period of operating life.

Technical characteristics of 12,5 m³ underground storage tanks with/without heating

Parameter: Rate:
  Underground tank with/without heating-up Stab in heater
Maximum operating pressure 0,07 MPa 0,5 MPa
Estimated pressure 0,07 MPa 0,7 MPa
Trial pressure 0,2 MPa 1 MPa
Maximum operating temperature 80ºС 164ºС
Estimated temperature 100ºС 180ºС
Vessel group according to branch standard OST 26 29 1-94 5a  
Corrosion allowance 2,0 mm  
Estimated operating life period 20 years  
seismic activity rated on Richter scale 6 ball  

Underground 12,5 m³ storage tanks without heating-up

Underground 12,5 m³ storage tanks without heating-up

Underground 12,5 m³ storage tanks with heating-up


Underground 12,5 m³ storage tanks with heating-up

Underground 12,5 m³ storage tanks with/without heating-upа

Underground 12,5 m³ storage tanks with/without heating-up

Bean Application Quantity DN, mm Rated pressure, Megapascal, MPa
A Manway plate 1 800 0,3
B For the pump 1 600 / 800 0,6
C Product entry 1 200  
D Product emergency exit 1 150  
E Steam entry 1 100 1,6
F Vent pipe 1 100  
G For level glass 1 65 4
H For thermal converter 1 50 1
I Heat conductor entry (for tanks with heating-up) 1 20  
J Heat conductor exit 1 20  

The pumps for underground storage tanks

The pumps for underground storage tanksThe standard design of EuroTankWorks underground storage tanks implies semi-submersible vertical pumps of HBtype. Depending on the atmosphere characteristics the pumps with double seal can be used, in corrosion preventive or explosion preventive versions. Electric motor of the pump is installed in the maintenance shaft, included in the scope of delivery.

The high-pressure pumps do not require special service, control and don’t have to be equipped by additional automatic systems. This pump was worked out specially for underground drainage storage tanks for pumping over polluted water and oil products with the rate of viscosity up to 500 sSt.

The basic characteristics of the pump:

  • Time to failure – not less than 7000 hours, average operating life resource preceding the total overhaul — 10000 hours.
  • Rate of delivery (through flow): 50 m³/h, depth of immerse: 0,5 — 9 m.
  • Cubic hard impurity content up to 10 mm in the pumped product: up to 3 %.
  • Operating temperature from -65° to + 130°С;
  • Material of flow tube — steel 35HML.

The pump has two mechanical seals and a middle section with barrier fluid. The runoff of the fluid is controlled by a special device.

The tank may be equipped by a different pumping system with suitable characteristics on the customer’s demand.

Delivery calculation

Underground 12,5 m³ drainage storage tanks with / without heating-up
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